• DateJuly 21, 2019

Loose Lead Walking

Loose Lead Walking (LLW) seems to be a big issue for lots of dog owners, and it’s a big reason for dogs ending up in rescue centres so I thought I’d do a blog of my own tips.  To stop pulling on the lead people often buy all sorts of equipment that isn’t too kind …

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  • DateJune 21, 2019

Success with “Stranger-Danger”!

I’ve had a huge success over the last month with the boy Sweep and his fear of people and I really wanted to share it!
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  • DateMay 21, 2019

Living with an “Aggressive” Dog

I only use the label “aggressive” here for ease but I really want to define exactly what that looks like in the context of Odie. He displays aggressive behaviours such as stiff body, high stiff tail, growling, barking, lunging on the lead and snapping when a dog is within approximately 25 metres of him.
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  • DateApril 21, 2019

My Training Journey

Welcome to my first blog and thank you for reading! My aim of starting this blog is to reach dog guardians to hopefully clarify and explain some of the behavioural science and common myths of dog training.
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