• DateSeptember 21, 2019

Celebrating Success!

I’ve spent the last two months doing the Living and Learning with Animals (LLA) online course with Dr Susan Friedman, plus work has just got crazy busy, so I thought I’d just do a short blog this month celebrating my monthly training successes!  As we say in Animal Training Academy, I’m tooting my own horn …

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  • DateAugust 21, 2019

Dog Training Jargon Basics: Part One

I read a blog recently that was aimed at the average person in the street and its content was a subject very dear to my heart.  They wanted to encourage dog owners to actively train their dogs to prevent unwanted behaviours.  This would reduce the number of dogs that end up in rescue centres because …

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  • DateJune 21, 2019

Success with “Stranger-Danger”!

I’ve had a huge success over the last month with the boy Sweep and his fear of people and I really wanted to share it!
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  • DateMay 21, 2019

Living with an “Aggressive” Dog

I only use the label “aggressive” here for ease but I really want to define exactly what that looks like in the context of Odie. He displays aggressive behaviours such as stiff body, high stiff tail, growling, barking, lunging on the lead and snapping when a dog is within approximately 25 metres of him.
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