• DateSeptember 12, 2020


Early on the morning of the 6th September 2020, Sweep had a massive seizure and died.  We are devastated.  We are numb.  We are worried how Odie will take it when it sinks in.  We are angry at how completely unfair it is. We feel guilt – is there something else we could have done? …

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  • DateAugust 27, 2020

Living with a dog with epilepsy

In April 2020 Sweep began having seizures.  I didn’t know what they were but they were pretty mild (he just got wobbly) and about 2 weeks apart so we didn’t take him to the vets until late May.  After I submitted video of his seizures, and after a blood test and an MRI (both were …

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  • DateJune 16, 2020

Teaching a Chin Rest

I just wanted to do a really quick and easy training plan blog for how to teach a chin rest. I got asked about this the other day and my original YouTube videos showing the process are way back in my video list and overly long (I’m learning to edit myself!)! It is also the …

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  • DateMay 11, 2020

Settle on a mat – how to get your kitchen back! Part 2.

As I mentioned in Part 1, here we’ll be talking about fluency, and now you have that perfect “mat” behaviour, I’m going to give a step-by-step for how I taught Sweep to love his mat more than being under my feet in the kitchen.  Fluency includes precision (what you want the final behaviour to look …

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  • DateMay 11, 2020

Settle on a mat – how to get your kitchen back! Part 1.

I must be a very messy cook because whenever I am in the kitchen Sweep is always there.  OK, OK, I admit it, I do chuck him bits of veg etc, plus I am bad for accidentally dropping sausage when prepping food for training so he is constantly reinforced for this behaviour!  I have nearly …

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  • DateApril 8, 2020

Husbandry at home – Nail care

All the bad weather since November and up until about 6 weeks ago meant the ground has been so soft it’s not helped keep my boys’ nails in trim. I started work with a nail board in January so I thought I’d share my how to for making a nail board and teaching your dog …

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  • DateMarch 1, 2020

Cat Training – two projects for you to try

My cats have been feeling left out (Martin protesting depicted below!) so I decided to do a blog on simple but useful training exercises you could do with your cat.  I get asked a lot if I train with my cats or if it’s possible to train cats and the answer is yes, and they …

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  • DateFebruary 1, 2020

Husbandry at home – eye drops/ear drops

Back in November when I started rehab for my shoulder with my current physiotherapist. She asked me about giving eye drops to a dog who ran away when the bottle was presented. Her young dog had repeated eye infections and it was stressing the dog and her people out giving her the eye drops. I …

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  • DateSeptember 21, 2019

Celebrating Success!

I’ve spent the last two months doing the Living and Learning with Animals (LLA) online course with Dr Susan Friedman, plus work has just got crazy busy, so I thought I’d just do a short blog this month celebrating my monthly training successes!  As we say in Animal Training Academy, I’m tooting my own horn …

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  • DateAugust 21, 2019

Dog Training Jargon Basics: Part One

I read a blog recently that was aimed at the average person in the street and its content was a subject very dear to my heart.  They wanted to encourage dog owners to actively train their dogs to prevent unwanted behaviours.  This would reduce the number of dogs that end up in rescue centres because …

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